As a new mom, you’ll find yourself feeding your baby or pumping multiple times during the day and at night. This means spending a lot of time sitting down in your nursery chair, bed, or living room couch with your baby or your pump attached to you!

Make these special moments of the day as comfortable, easy, and efficient as possible no matter where you’re breastfeeding or pumping – keep everything you need within arm’s reach on your nursing station.

Here’s a list of items for you to create the comfiest breastfeeding station ever!

A nursery chair

Since you’ll be spending a lot of time sitting while breastfeeding or pumping, choosing the right nursery chair is crucial.

Cleaning wipes

When you need to wipe something clean quickly, having a couple of packets of breast pump and accessory wipes nearby will make your life that much easier.

Burp cloths

With the usual spit ups and your leaking breasts, burp cloths will always come in handy. Have them at your nursing station for every breastfeeding session!

Nursing pads

While breastfeeding on one breast, the other side might leak. Many mamas choose to use disposable or washable nursing pads to keep the milk from dripping freely and staining shirts.

Extra diapers and baby wipes

Feeding can stimulate a baby’s digestive system and before you know it, you’ll have to change their diaper mid-feeding session! For these moments, have extra diapers and baby wipes close to you.

Breastfeeding log

Have your phone with you so you can track your breastfeeding session using the MyMedela® app. You can log which breast you’ve last pumped or breastfed and even keep track of how much time you spent on each side.

Nipple care

Some mamas have to deal with sore nipples while breastfeeding, which can become very painful. Keep soothing lanolin nipple cream with you to soothe your sore nipples. It’s safe for both mama and baby, and it glides on smoothly and gently without causing a mess! Of course, make sure to visit your doctor if this issue persists.

A water bottle or two

This one goes without saying – you’ll want to hydrate a lot while breastfeeding. Some moms especially get very thirsty as soon as the baby latches on. You can get a bottle that’s easy to hold with one hand and has a straw to make it easier to drink. You might even consider having two bottles by your side!


Breastfeeding can burn 500 calories a day! This means you’ll have to replenish often. Keep your favorite non-perishable, healthy snacks on your nursing station. You may want to consider snacks that are easy to eat and open with one hand, and that don’t have noisy packaging that might wake baby up. Trail mix, nuts, and granola bars are good options.

Nursing pillows

A nursing pillow will prop baby up and help reduce lower back and neck pain. Keeping your favorite nursing pillow at your nursing station will be a true life-saver!


You’ll be spending a lot of time feeding your baby. Although it’s a magical time to spend with them, sometimes they drift off to sleep and you’re left wondering what else to do with yourself!

Consider getting some nice-to-have items for your nursing station to help you enjoy your time even more – such as a book, magazine, tablet, or electronic reader. Don’t forget to keep your reading glasses close by if you use them!

Keep chargers for all your devices nearby as well in case your devices run out of juice. If you can, consider investing in a little charging dock to keep your phone or tablet up straight. Using earphones will ensure your baby doesn’t wake up during a middle-of-the-night feeding session.

During night feedings, to help pass the time, keep you awake, or even just provide light to help you see – you might want to watch TV. Keep your TV remote close to your nursing or pumping station so it’s always convenient to just switch on!


For dark rooms or middle of the night feedings, a soft nightlight or lamp will be crucial. You’ll want something with enough light for you to see what you’re doing without disturbing baby or others around you.

Lastly, you might even want to consider investing in a basket or rolling shelf to create a portable nursing station you can take from room to room in your house!